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What are some of the physical symptoms possible mental health issues?


Symptoms vary in each situation or person. If you notice any of the following or combination of them, seek help early. It is important that you see your GP or trained mental health professional and do not attempt to self diagnose.


  • Crying without an explanation

  • The continued feeling of depression

  • Feeling sad or confused

  • Losing interest in your favourite activities

  • Having trouble focusing

  • Extreme guilt or fear

  • Mood swings

  • Feeling exhaustion all the time

  • Difficulty sleeping through the night

  • Paranoia or obsession

  • Delusions or hallucinations

  • Compulsive or addictive behaviour

  • Frequently overwhelmed

  • Difficulty relating to others

  • Substance abuse

  • Excessive appetite or appetite loss

  • Uncontrollable anger

  • Cutting or self-harm

  • Suicidal thoughts or plans


How can a counsellor help relationships?



  • Provide you with a safe space to share your concerns and hear the other person also in a nonjudgmental environment without blaming or shaming.

  • The counsellor is able to help you identify the root cause through skilful effective communication.

  • The coach will support you through guided conversation to help you separate the problems from the actual relationship itself. 

  • A trained counsellor can help you to identify unmet needs in each other's lives and within your relationship as a couple, and help prevent sabotaging relationship which you have invested your life in.

  • A relationship coach is trained and skilled in communication and relating skills and developing strategies best suited for you.

  • Both counsellors and coaches will provide you with useful tools and strategies to manage existing issues and prevent future misunderstanding.  

  • A coach is there to encourage, support and empower you, champion you through tough times.

  • A coach can help you with strategies and skills to manage your relationships champion you and support you along the way.

  • They work through understands that each person and their relationship is unique and mindful of identifying an approach that fits you. With this in mind, the sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual, identifying what is right for you.

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