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With over fifteen years of experience, working with a diverse community in various supportive roles, my passion to help people continue to grow.  The pool of knowledge and empathy embedded in my services goes beyond the formal qualifications I have acquired.


I am blessed to have overcome childhood trauma and found healing from grief due to multiple losses in life as an adult. As a mother of 5 in a blended family, building and maintaining relationships has been a challenging but vital part of my life. I intergrade my experience, formal training my passion to help people who are going through the journey I have been on. 

I  worked closely with diverse groups of people as a mentor and a coordinator and facilitator of a support group for over 10 years and have acquired a deeper understanding of how cultural barriers and stigma attached to mental health can prevent people from seeking help.



I take a comprehensive approach to work collaboratively with my clients to determine the root cause of the problem, in order to provide lasting change to existing problems and prevent them from reoccurring. My commitment is to see my clients treated with the highest degree of respect for genuine care.   

I strive to see a happier community by supporting and inspiring people to grow emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is my aim to provide a heart centred service where my clients are treated with respect and dignity. Read more


Indrani Lewthwaite
Registered Counsellor,  Life  Coach and Educator
ACA accredited  Counselling Supervisor 

Member of the Australian Counselling Association
Mentor at Raise Foundation Australia













Helping someone through a challenging time begins with listening to their story, hearing their narrative and understanding their needs.

Diploma in Clinical Counselling
Major in Relationship Counselling and Conflict Resolution 
Major in Parenting and Child Development
Major in Abuse and Trauma Counselling

Bachelor  of  Behavioural  Science (Psych)
Neural biology of Trauma

Developmental Psychology

Organisational and Social Psychology

Diploma in Human Resource Management
Certification of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Certification of Health and Nutritional Coaching

Certification of Training and Development

Certification of Transformational Coaching

Certification of NeuralLinguistic Programming (NLP)




As an active professional member of the Australian Counselling Association, I will undertake regular personal and professional development. As regulated by ACA I will receive the required hours of supervision ensuring that I apply most current evidence-based provide therapeutic interventions and provide quality service to my clients. I am continually currently studying the latest findings of brain development and how to utilise this knowledge for further understanding of mental health issues band improve my services.

Helping people is not about using my own  own strength,

It is about helping them recognise the God-given strengths and wisdom, and guiding them in accordance with their own capacity and needs towards purposeful living. 

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