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"The distance between your dreams and reality

is called action" 


I will not offer you a cookie-cutter action plan and ask you to be accountable in following it.

I prioritise getting to know your strengths as well as your needs. You may not yet realise the strengths and potential within you. When you do, taking the next step isn’t too daunting. Let’s work together to co-create the action plan uniquely suited for you, I will guide and support you, champian you.




How does coaching work?


Coaching is an approach a person takes when they wish to take accountability for the change they want in life. Generally, if you are seeking coaching, there is a preset goal you want to work on and the coach helps you with how to go about achieving it. If you are uncertain about the direction you want to take, your coach will use evidence-based strategies to help you identify th best direction based on your personal needs. Life coaching combines the power and depth of evidence-based psychology with the focus of active change and accountability — to help you get the results you want. I use a faith-based holistic approach and allow for cultural backgrounds.   

It's a guided conversation where you will be provided with strategies for realistic goal setting and learning new behaviours or altering existing behaviour patterns.  Your commitment to carrying out the guidelines and applying the provided tools is vital for reaching your goals. Your coach is there to support you, empower you and walk alongside you. Coaching will help you shift your perspective and modify unhelpful thoughts and behaviours which are restricting your way forward. 

Frequently asked questions


  • What's the difference between counselling and coaching, how do I know which I should seek?       

  • Coaching is offered under the assumption that the individual has the capacity to receive and follow the guidelines. Counselling will help you when you feel overwhelmed, stuck or uncertain how to go forward. Generally, this means you require in-depth support on emotional restoration or psychological support. After the complimentary consultation, you will be able to decide which approach to take. 

  • What if I am ready for a new start and don't have an idea of what to do, how can a coach help me?                                                                                                                                                           As your coach, I  will not only help you identify what it is that you really want and create a personal plan that helps you going forward, your coach will walk alongside and guide you through the first steps. Ypu will become confident as you recognise your strengths and learn to build on them.  

  • What if I don't drive and can't get to see you?                                                                              Coaching can be delivered via phone or skype. 90m per cent of our clients work online across Australia, See what they about our services below. 

  • What if I know what I want but struggling with past issues?                                                            This is why we offer the first consultation free of charge. So you can discuss your needs and decide what is the best option. Whichever service you need you are in th right place. You will be speaking to a counsellor and a life coach. Coaching doesn’t focus on the past so much rather it works with the current situation to take a future-orientated approach towards a better future. In your case, we will determine the best approach for you during the complimentary consultation.                                                            

  • How is group coaching different from individual coaching sessions?                                                    Coaching provides you with tools and strategies to achieve preconceived goals. the process of individual coaching varies. this is due to the unique nature of an individual's needs. In some cases, it may require changing mindset in a specific area, overcoming procrastination or total restoration of thoughts and beliefs that stop you from going forward. Planing how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Establishing support systems available to you.          

      Group coaching is bringing together individuals with a common focus and following a framework to develop a  process to achieve preset goals with t focus on the solution rather than ten problems. However, self-development coaching groups differ from professional development in terms of style of delivery. 

  • What happens if I can't complete the program, can I start again?

        your thinking impacts your decisions. It is vital that you attend the sessions as planned, understand and follow the guidelines and seek help when needed, be accountable. Your coach is there to help you when you experience difficulty and feel challenged. Your commitment is vital for success in a coaching program. In an unpredictable, you are unable to continue, your coach will provide you with options and support if you wish to recommence. you are under n obligations to continue.

  • How long is the coaching program?                                                                           Regular individual sessions are for one hour. Workshops can be customised to suit a particular group or organization’s needs. Refer to coaching packages for more details on duration.


Group Coaching:

Accessing regular individual coaching or counselling support can be financially challenging. A cost-effective approach can be that of doing group sessions.

I will support you as a group with a shared focus on a specific area of life, such as parenting, work-life balance, or relationships (both professional and personal) and any other areas of life. I will provide knowledge, guidance, and direction to create a  motivational and encouraging environment for the growth of the group. Each workshop is designed for a particular outcome, for a unique purpose and may vary in the structure and/or delivery method. I take into consideration the diversity of the group members and the time frame available. I provide you with an opportunity to recognise your strengths, identify barriers and help you determine the strategies uniquely suited for you. Growth is the purpose of the workshops as it is my aim to help people to help themselves and feel empowered. 


Participants will be encouraged to build networks and to learn from and support their peers. Interaction amongst the participants can be a highly beneficial portion of a practical workshop.  



Workplace coaching:

Due to the accessible nature of this process, group coaching can be a beneficial process for organisations. A group coaching environment can provide a suitable forum to open up communication and encourage the collaboration of participants.

The cultivation of valuable relationships and networking may not only result in increased productivity. But may also support key organisational cultural change.

Providing appropriate coaching strategies can avoid unnecessary staff turnover.


"Knowing is not enough: we must apply.

Willing is not enough: we must do"

Remember...  change begins with you.

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