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Mentoring is tailored to suit an individual's needs to provide guidance and strategies to achieve goals in a specific area that the clients have chosen. Personal development or professional development needs are some examples. Although counselling skills such as listening, relating and communication skills may be used mentoring does not deal with emotional issues, past problems. Rather it focuses on working towards future goals.

Mentoring concentrates on:


  • sharing knowledge

  • guidance and support

  • personal development

  • work performance

  • improving specific skills  

  • supporting you along the way.

It ultimately equips you to achieve

future goals. Workplace mentoring is mostly organised through a mentoring program within the organisation. This means there are the framework and specific goals to work towards within the agreed time frame. Having such a framework in place can be easier for both parties to agree on, rather than working with an undecided commitment.


You can choose to receive mentoring support personally if you feel you need that little extra help and guidance from someone who has experience in the relevant area and is trained to provide professional services. It is vital that the mentor understands your personal needs and unique learning style. For example, some people can read a manual and follow instructions without any additional help. Whereas others learn well by watching someone work or working together. Finding a method and a mentor best suited for you is the first step. 

It is possible that circumstances are so overwhelming, and we forget what we used to be capable of. If you are reading this and searching for someone:


  • who would understand where you are at

  • someone whom you can easily relate to

  • who can provide you with knowledge, skills, and guidance in a particular area

  • help you rediscover your unique strengths and talents which you may have overlooked


Contact me today for free consolation to find out if we can work together in guiding your way forward. 


Take the first step,  Remember….  change begins with you.  

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