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Restoring minds and transforming lives

Counselling and Coaching

for the whole family 


Over 15-year of experience working with a diverse community









Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 


Transformational Life Coaching


Christian approach on request


Systemic Family Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy

Narrative Therapy
















Professional Member of the Australian Counselling Association


Counselling and therapy for

Anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, Anger issues, 

Relationship, Parenting, employment issues, whatever you are battelling with, we are here to walk alongside you and help you navigate the way forward.   


Relationship specialist 







Shadow on Concrete Wall

Strengths of our relationships are paramount when faced with personal challenges.

similarly, unresolved personal issues most likely impact our relationships and the way we

think and behave. 

Healthy emotional wellbeing builds stronger relationships, stronger relationships create happier people making the world a better place to be.  


I take a holistic approach to address this cycle of life,

when helping you achieve your personal goals.      

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Dealing with emotional and relational conflicts can take its toll on us. If you find anything has been impacting your quality of life despite your efforts to resolve them, we can help you navigate the way forward.  

With experience, expertise and genuine care, we put our clients needs first. Our services are personalised to suit your needs. 

if you are seeking help, remember this one of your strength, not a weakness. Be proud of yourself for taking this step. Next step is finding the professional best suite for you.


Take the advantage of obligations free consultation. Get your questions answered and decide if this is the right service for you. Take care.

What is troubling you today? 


-Is anxiety preventing you from doing things you used to love?   

-Are you overwhelmed with stress, the pressure is impacting your everyday life? 

-Struggling with work pressure, dreading going to work?

-Feeling law losing interest in what used to love, isolating yourself to cope with it all?  


Relationship issues are becoming difficult to cope with, wonder where things went wrong? 

So many unanswered questions keeping you awake at night?

Feeling undervalued or misunderstood?  Feeling trapped?


Battling with unexplained health issues? 

Feeling depleted, frustrated, wishing you had an answer to it all?  

Ongoing health issues impacting your social and family life??


work has become a struggle and anxious about going to work?


Grief is becoming hard to cope with and effecting everyday life?

Overwhelmed with going through life transitions? ( Separation, divorce, loss of employment, relocating)

Feeling isolated and overwhelmed after immigration? 


Parenting challenges are becoming too complicated and overwhelming?

Adolescent struggles, starting school, bullying, self-esteem issues, behavioural issues? 

Challenges of blending a family have become overwhelming and causing relationship issues?

Difficulty adjusting/ children are struggling to adjust and anxious and unapproachable? 


Reoccurring symptoms of past trauma is preventing from enjoying life.

Therapy hasn't worked, feeling miss understood and lost at times?

Asking for directions is not a weakness,
it is the strength of a person willing to go forward

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