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Anger is a natural emotion 

Anger is a natural emotion and is not something that can be completely avoided, it is there for a purpose, we can practice using it wisely to gain motivation in certain situations, express calmly when necessary to communicate our feelings. Most important thing is that we do not hold on to it or bury it or let it take over. Although experience such as pain and grief can lead to anger the main cause of anger is known to be stress. Managing stress can reduce anger in everyday life.

Although it is not easy to do, however, understanding how anger impacts us psychologically, neurologically, and physiologically, and realising that we have the capacity to control it and prevent the anger from taking over can help us to think about the importance of anger management. 

Unresolved anger is harmful to our overall health, relationships, it will alter our ability to function in every area of life.

Can lead to dissatisfaction at work, social life, inability to concentrate, limited ability to cope with everyday challenges. In some cases, can lead to substance abuse and addiction.  


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